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Seems a lot has changed on Livejournal since I last logged in. Had tons of bad luck all year with computers and lost count how many times my oldest brother bought me new parts and I paid him back or he fixed whatever problem came up. Got to the point the only thing that was left to replace was the motherboard so ended up having all my stuff transferred to a new tower. I was left from May right up until September with Mam's laptop has my brother lives miles away from me. Got the bugger back and now I rather would use a laptop instead of a desktop... go figure lol Yet for years I wasn't that keen on laptops.

Mam gave me the laptop but it's that old it's running very slow but is a great computer and is doing well running considering it's been used none stop since it was bought in 2009. My other brother was selling his transformer book (laptop minus dvd drive). Well I jumped at the chance and been using it for a couple of weeks now and I love my new baby so much.

I am so far behind sharing the work I have made over the last few months and am going to share them all out of order of being made below. Be warned majority of them are slash but a few het stuff is thrown in too. The het stuff was made as part of a zine but was rejected.

QuinGem Creations Anniversary 2014 with Sheriff
Supernatural Halloween - Request by Marah
Gibbs Secretly Loves Tim - NCIS
Tony and Ziva - NCIS
Tony at the Beach - NCIS
McShep - SGA
John and Teyla - SGA
Daydreaming - SGA
John and Todd - SGA
For Chuckles - SG1
Teal'c - SG1
Sam dumps Daniel for Jack - SG1
More than Friends - SG1
Egypt - SG1
Captive - SG1
Jack wants Daniel - SG1
Sam and Jack in the Forest - SG1
Jack and Janet - SG1
I see you - SG1
Sun Setting - SG1
Lightening - SG1
Near the sea - SG1
Jack misses you - SG1
Nancy's boys at the beach 14 - SG1
Daniel hiding from Antares 14 - SG1
Happy Halloween 14 - SG1
Kelly's boys at Danes Dyke 14 - SG1
Watching Jack - SG1
Skaara and Daniel - SG1
No Laughing!! - SG1
Look at my hand - SG1
Let's have a look - SG1
Jack and Teal'c - SG1
Jack and Daniel - SG1
Don't Blink - SG1
Debating - SG1
Dark - SG1
Spooky - SG1
Jack's Hell - SG1
All fired up - SG1


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