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Loads of new things
Jack, Stargate SG1
I can'r believe I haven't shared anything on here in such a long time. I've had endless trouble with connecting to the internet and or computer related troubles this year so far. Needless to say I now own a Mac and having tons of fun on it. I have made quite a few walls this year for various fandoms and loving the idea of making crossover ones. 
This week I have made it my mission to make a few Stargate walls celebrating Hanukka. I don't celebrate it but was shocked at how little stuff there is in this fandom to celebrate it in some form.  You can find them on my site here or on ao3 I'd post them all here but to many images so providing links instead. 
This year I have made stuff for Moonlight, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1 and going nuts making crossover posts or making wallpapers with lyrics on.
Things you do when no internet and plenty of dvd's to nick images offf or beg family to borrow stuff but not telling the real reason you need it. :)
Here's some of the main fandoms I've made wallpapers for.
Or you can find a mixture of things on my site. On there I have stories recs, galleries, archived stories and fanvids. manicmea.com and or follow me on Twitter here as I usually post new stuff on there what I've added onto site.



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